Get ready to be a part of this year’s Vacation Bible School! We want children to lead BIG expansive lives, grow up to be BIG people that lead and influence in every area of their BIG lives. Believing in a BIG God and making a BIG difference, Tree of Life Church presents TELL THE WORLD. This free program is for kids ages 4 to 5th grade and includes a dynamic morning session with kid-friendly stations which include exciting games, crafts with a mission, tasty snacks and engaging small groups. 

Allergies Alert:
If your child has any kind of food allergies, please email rexlauratime@yahoo.com with pertinent information including your name, your email address, your child’s name and a description of the allergy.

Safety & Security:
Tree of Life VBS is a Vacation Bible School program that is designed first to ensure that your child is always safe and secure on our watch.  Each small group has both a leader and assistant leader alongside a team of well-managed volunteers. All of our volunteers ages 18 and over have completed a background check. Your child will be safe and supervised throughout our program and will always be at the right place at the right time.

Forms & Procedures:
On Monday July 7th, the first morning of our Vacation Bible School, please plan on having your child here no later than 8:30 a.m. in order to read and sign all applicable paperwork.